CHASING NOEL – Fall 2019



Releasing Fall 2019

*** D R A F T ***

They’re enemies; well maybe frenemies is a better word.

He owns a baseball team. She hates sports.

He gave her dream job to someone else. She drives him crazy whenever they’re within five feet of each other.

Their friend’s wedding night brought them together. The next morning pushed them apart.

Something had to give.

Too bad it was the condom.

Will their soon-to-be baby make them see they were made for each other?


Thomas “T.S.” Scott needs to show off his new condo project to potential investors. It just happened to be a month until Christmas. The project was behind schedule thanks to his previous interior designer’s bad habit, so he hired the woman he should have in the first place. Would have if she didn’t drive him crazy and make him want to lift her up on his boardroom table and play naughty reindeer games until he worked her out of his system. Problem solved? Not Really. He’d come to accept that after their one night together at a friend’s wedding, there was no getting Noel Snow out of his head.

Noel Snow did what she did best, fabulously design a space. In an office, for a party, and in this case her crankiest client’s condo.

She heard him enter the room and straightened her shoulders before she turned around to face the only man she let get under her skin. One night with this man had changed her world. Why couldn’t she tell him his was about to be changed too?

“It looks like the tinsel fairy puked in here.” T.S. ground his teeth together and let out a frustrated sigh.

Funny. She’d done her share of puking this morning. “It’s my take on a modern Christmas,” Noel countered.

T.S. walked over and captured her gaze.  “Well, take it back.”

If only she could. If only she could take it all back.