The Brethren’s Key

The Brethren’s Key

A Paranormal Romance Novella


D.L. Stewart

The Brethren’s Key is a paranormal romance I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. It’s still a work in progress and one of the reasons I  have it posted up on Wattpad as I am looking for reader input.  In the future, when it’s ready, I will self-publish the book under the pen name D.L. STEWART.


Below is the story synopsis & a peek at Chapter One.


“Everything’s about the end of the world, isn’t it” – Dr. Brittany Harmony, PhD Archeology and Ancient Studies, and Fated Bride

Britt has studied, searched and discovered enough artifacts to know her sh.., er stuff. She has a secret to her success, but she’s not telling. Raised on fairy tales by a father whose death continues to haunt her, she long ago learned to ask questions first, trust last.

Quinn Smyth, leader of the Brethren, oldest of the brothers handed the task of saving the human race first from warring Gods, then from demons, ex cetera, ex cetera. But guess what? It is ALWAYS about the end of the world and they were the ones along with their mates will SAVE it…probably.

There’s a quest, isn’t there always? Ancient artifacts, an unknown cousin, a traitor and portals pop up all over the world. One will discover their true destiny and the other will learn not to mess with the Three Fates. Not everyone gets what they want but will definitely get what they need.

But first the Brethren have to find their fated and stubborn Brides, who just happen to be descendants of the Goddess Brigid, and each needs to agree to becoming a part of this whirl-wind ride guaranteed to push them to the brink of Demon rule while finding passion and love of a life time.

Simple, right?

Not so much.

“You have no idea.” – Quinn Smyth, Leader of the Brethren, son of The Egyptian God Thoth and the Greek Goddess Athena




“Don’t move. Don’t scream… act as if you know me, and all will be well.”

One moment Dr. Britt Harmony was striding towards the conference hall, the next her path was blocked by a behemoth in traditional Scottish garb. She made a move to step around him only to be pushed up against the wall. Her head bounce checked off the hard service slamming her face into his shoulder.  Another inch lower and she may have lost an eye. She raised a hand to inspect the bruised area, when a thick, warm arm wound around her waist. Her body jerked at the intimate contact, “Listen I think you have me mistaken with someone else. I—”

A large hand pinned her face into the man’s massive chest effectively cutting off her protest.

Head throbbing from the impact, her vision blurry, she tried to raise her head up to look at the face of her attacker. Shooting pain erupted above her right eye.  Unable to lift her head to escape. Now. Her career depended on it.

When his grip didn’t loosen, she stomped on the stranger’s foot and lifted her leg to knee him in the groin when a glint of metal caught her eye. He held a knife in his hand. A very long, very sharp blade which emitted an ethereal glow. Mesmerized by its beauty than by its wicked intent, she moved into action.

Britt took in a breath to scream for help, but as she filled her lungs an earthy scent mingled with a bite of the sea overwhelmed her senses. His scent imprinted upon her and relaxed her. It was—familiar— and odd as she was sure she’d never encountered the scent.

Finding the strength to raise her head, she into the strangest color of eyes she’d ever seen. Emerald green, several shades darker than her own pale green, and they matched the shock she surely expressed.

Her attacker froze as did she. Neither one of them seemed unable to look away. Seconds ticked by before he let loose a growl that touched her deeply. Her core reacted to the husky tenor of his voice. Spasms traveled outward igniting all of her nerve endings. Confusion at her reaction, and his, robbed her of the opportunity to defend herself.

He propelled them towards the exit of the hotel’s conference facility where she was set to give her groundbreaking speech in exactly seven minutes. Britt struggled to find words to make him stop. To make sense of what was happening to her.

Britt began to fight the hold he had on her.

“Lass, you need to understand two things straight off. One, I’m stronger than you and two, your lecturing days are over.”

The sound of his voice elicited another spark of awareness. Ignoring her boy’s reaction, she tested his first theory again and wrenched her arm in the process. Strong. Check. As for the second, he couldn’t have been more wrong. “Listen, you obviously have the wrong person. Perhaps I look like whomever you were searching for, but I can assure you I would remember if we’d met before. I never forget an asshole.”

“This is not a case of mistaken identity, Dr. Harmony. You work for the Ancient Artifact Conservatory of London. You graduated, with honors, in archeology with a minor in mythology from Yale and your topic of discussion this afternoon is the discovery of a scroll. A scroll you’ve taken without permission. You believe this scroll will lead you to the first of three emerald tablets. How am I doing? Oh, and your favorite color is red.”

Britt dug in her heels. “I haven’t told anyone about the validity of the Emerald Tablets let alone that there are three, how do you–”

“Because it’s my job to know. To protect.”

“The scroll?” Her heart skipped. She’d told no one outside the conservatory what was written

“No. The world.”


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