AMAZON GIVEAWAY – July 15th – July 22nd

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Mid-July is a funny time, at least for me. It reminds me how fast time has gone by since the boys got out of school, and how little time is left to enjoy the rest of the summer before back-to- school shopping commences!

Aaaah! Also, we’ve had more
rain this summer then normal and it just doesn’t feel like summer so my brain is skipping ahead to Fall. However, it’s nothing like other parts of the U.S., so I will not complain!

If you’ve been affected by the recent storms, power outages, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes I hope you and yours are safe and well! Mother Nature has been having a cranky summer; she needs a spa day 😉

Now, here’s the reason for my newsletter this week — thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day — I’m running a giveaway!

Haven’t read the first book in my series, SAVING MAVERICK?

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