The Brethren’s Key

The Brethren's KeyThe Brethren’s Key is a paranormal romance I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. I have it posted up on Wattpad and time will tell if I self-publish elsewhere under the pen name D.L. STEWART.

Do you read paranormal romance? Below is the story synopsis:


“Everything’s about the end of the world, isn’t it” – Dr. Brittany Harmony, PhD Archeology and Ancient Studies, and Fated Bride


Britt has studied, searched and discovered enough artifacts to know her sh.., er stuff. She has a secret to her success, but she’s not telling. Raised on fairy tales by a father whose death continues to haunt her, she long ago learned to ask questions first, trust last.


Quinn Smyth, leader of the Brethren, oldest of the brothers handed the task of saving the human race first from warring Gods, then from demons, ex cetera, ex cetera. But guess what? It is ALWAYS about the end of the world and they were the ones along with their mates will SAVE it…probably.


There’s a quest, isn’t there always? Ancient artifacts, an unknown cousin, a traitor and portals pop up all over the world. One will discover their true destiny and the other will learn not to mess with the Three Fates. Not everyone gets what they want but will definitely get what they need.


But first the Brethren have to find their fated and stubborn Brides, who just happen to be descendants of the Goddess Brigid, and each needs to agree to becoming a part of this whirl-wind ride guaranteed to push them to the brink of Demon rule while finding passion and love of a life time.

Simple, right?

Not so much.

“You have no idea.” – Quinn Smyth, Leader of the Brethren, son of The Egyptian God Thoth and the Greek Goddess Athena


READ The Brethren’s Key HERE on Wattpad

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