New Scene *SNEAK PEEK* Chasing Noel

Have you heard? I’m sharing a new scene SNEAK PEEK …

The last book in my Outlaws of Baseball series is now up for pre-order on Amazon. CHASING NOEL will release on December 19th!!

Please Note:  This is an unedited scene and may change in the final version– but for now, happy reading!

“Rise and shine.”

Noel heard the voice from her favorite sex dream. It was TS’s voice. A voice, a tone she’d only heard while unconscious but she was pretty sure she was now awake. She tested her theory and opened her eyes and stretched. The bed was soft, and the sheets warm. Her body was sore but satisfied. A soreness one only felt after… whoa.

Images flashed, snippets of conversation, teasing banter and kisses that set her on fire. Kisses everywhere and her body had responded. Was still responding to the memory of it all. Every moment of last night slammed into her.

A loud slap echoed off the suite’s wall.  Her flesh stung from the hurt so good sensation. TS had smacked her on her ass. Her bare ass available for all to see. But only one person did. Only one person mattered, TS.

“Noel. Hey, sleeping beauty. We’ve got a list to discuss before we meet the gang for brunch.”

His husky tone floated around in her brain. His words we’re not the naughty whispers and promises made and kept as he fulfilled her deepest desires. They were all business and she’d given in against her vow not to bail his ass out after giving the position she’d wanted to Frenchy.

“What do we need to uh, discuss?” Her mind whirled, her voice broke. How could she get out of this? How could she have been so stupid to agree to work with him especially after all they’d done last night. And how the Hell was she supposed to face him across a board room table and not think about him hard and naked giving her the most amazing orgasms?


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