Deleted Scene – Catching Luke

Bonus – DELETED SCENE from Catching Luke, Book Two – Outlaws of Baseball

This scene was in my first draft. It took place in Chapter 7 leading up to the steamy elevator scene. 😉 This is in Lara’s point-of-view and is unedited; because you know, it didn’t make it into the book. Enjoy! (ps – if you haven’t purchased yet, and want to, click HERE.


Damn hormones. Why him?

So she stood toe-to-toe with her handsome nemesis prepared to hold strong… and failed. She watched as he gave her already over-heated body a slow once over. He twisted her insides and ignited her long dormant desires with the barest lift of his oh so suckable, full upper lip.

Luke’s heated gaze locked on her chest and rationale thought left her. All she wanted was his hands on her, anywhere, everywhere his promise-filled gaze touched and…damn it all. She tamped down her wayward thoughts and crossed her arms to hide her now erect nipples. How the hell did he do that? How did this man piss her off and turn her on all at the same damn time? She thrust her left hip out and lifted her chin. Daring him to say…anything.

“Listen here cowboy, just because I date a lot doesn’t mean I’m easy. In my world, sex isn’t a given whether I’m on the first date or the seventh.” Lara, on a roll now went for the easy swing. “Unlike your ‘ball girls’, I’m a bit choosier whom I let into my bed.”

Luke, just grinned at her. “So what’s wrong with sex?”

“Nothing. But for me I want something beyond scratching an occasional itch.”

“Just occasional? Babe, you must be doing it wrong if all you feel is an occasional anything.”

Lara stamped a foot in frustration, let out a low growl and slapped her hand onto his broad chest. He didn’t budge an inch. She felt his hard pec muscle flex and inwardly groaned. Mistake number one. What happened to her no touching rule?

Her voice now thick with emotion she whispered, “Well, not everyone can be an expert like you, Luke.”

She heard his breath quicken and noticed his heartbeat increase under her palm. Mistake number two. Keeping her hand on his worship worthy chest. Damn.

Breaking the awkward silence, Luke cleared his throat. “So ok, you don’t have sex with every guy you date. But why so many?”

“Well, you know the old saying. You have to kiss a lot of pigs before you…”

“You mean frogs.”

“No Luke, I mean exactly what I said.”

“Wow, you have some serious issues with men. No wonder you’re so frustrated sexually.”


“Yeah, that’s got to be it. Now I know why you’re so cold towards me. You’ve obviously been choosing the wrong men. Your picker’s off.”

Lara closed her eyes and removed her hand from his chest. She immediately regretted the loss of heat, but she also needed to get out of this conversation with her dignity still intact.

“Look, tell me something I don’t know ok? And what makes you think you’re any better than what I’ve been dating lately?” She took another step back. Space, she needed more space between them before she ended the ridiculous encounter and jumped him.