Chasing Noel – Bonus Deleted Scene

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BONUS: Deleted Scene from Chasing Noel


Noel’s Journal entry

February 8th


Today I’m grateful for my friends, my brothers and my business. I used to think I was grateful for the friends-with-benefits agreement I made with TS, uber-rich owner of the Idaho Outlaws baseball team. But now? Yeah, not so sure. Because it’s become, of course, complicated.


So, Dear Universe, none of this was planned or included on any of my vision boards. Tell me what do you do when all you can think about is the man you were trapped with for two days by a freak snowstorm, trapped with the guy you’ve wanted for so long… and right before Christmas?? You bet I said yes to scratching the itch that’s been percolating for well, forever, and had sex with him. Awesome sex, no dessert is better than this sex– then we had more sex, ate and napped wrapped up in each other, then talked some, did I mention the sex? And oh, hell… TS has ruined me for anyone else.


Jeez, what do I do? Two days in the mountains, set up by our friends BTW, and it wasn’t enough. Because OMG, and there were a lot of the big O’s, and back in real life I realize I no longer hate him, but like him and maybe sort of… fell in love with him.


But I sure as hell don’t know what to do now that I’ve got five, FIVE, positive prego tests staring me in the face.


Sure, maybe I wanted a baby, someday. But I was fine with doing it on my own, making sure I didn’t repeat my mom’s misery. But I didn’t want one with him… not Mr. One Night Stand… or at least I didn’t think I did.


Okay, Universe it’s all on you, what do I do now?


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