Her biggest regret shows up wanting a second chance. He’s determined to regain her trust and win her love but is she ready to believe in fairy tales again?

He never forgot her.
Connor Holt is done staying away from her. Six years since a night spent loving Reese Kincaid, he’s traded to the Idaho Outlaws as the starting first baseman and in the backyard of the one woman he should never have let go.

He faces an uphill battle; but after a dare, and one hell of a kiss, he’s back in her bed.

She tried to forget what could have been.
Reese Kincaid has spent the last six years creating her dream. One she could control – not the one where hecomes back and begs forgiveness.

She soon realizes you need to be careful what you wish for because sometimes you get exactly what you don’t want—but need.

Reese thinks all they have, all they need, is great sex, but Connor’s ready to show her he’s playing for keeps.