What happens when Grant Conrad, a sports lawyer, avoider of relationships and anything Christmas meets Sophie McMannis, a party planner, avoider of relationships and self-described Scrooges?

Their worlds collide when they meet briefly at a wedding reception; it ends… badly. Months later when Grant needs a date for the biggest night of his career, his assistant sets him up with a blind date – her niece, and the woman he can’t get out of his head.

With the help of her meddling aunt, a pixie, and plenty of mistletoe, Grant and Sophie are brought closer together – sharing HOT kisses and relearning the true meaning of Christmas.


“Thank you for being here with me, Sophie.”

“You…you’re welcome.” She licked her lips.

God, he wanted her. “Dammit, this elevator ride is too short for what I really want to do.” His voice sounded rough, thick with desire. He wanted to kiss her. He knew if he did, they’d never make it to the party.

“And what’s that?” Sophie’s words rushed through him.


They stared at each other until a discreet cough broke through the silence and reminded them where they were.

“Grant. We’ve been wondering where you were. There’s plenty of people here eager to see you. This must be your date, Sophie, right?”

It’s a good thing Steven Kemper was paying him a boatload of money, otherwise in that moment Grant would have pushed the ‘close door’ button on anyone else.

The thought took him by surprise. Business had always come first for him. Women would and could wait.

Not so with Sophie.


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