Rescuing Royce


Bonus: Steamy Short Story in the Outlaws of Baseball Series



When the line between lust and duty collide, the outcome is wicked hot.

Royce Kincaid – He’s a SWAT team member who puts the “hot” in Hot Cop. He’s overprotective of those in his circle and known for a guaranteed good time while avoiding anything long-term.

Amber Wyatt – She’s an office manager who refuses to settle for just anyone, but her steamy thoughts centering on her friend Reese’s brother have her bothered in more ways than one.

Will the unexpected events on the night she’s ready to approach Royce keep them apart? Or will Amber find her way into the arms of the only man she’s convinced can give her everything she’s wanted and more?



Amber watched Reese rush over to her boyfriend, Connor and wrap her arms around his neck. Their kiss was hot and long, and he grabbed her ass for everyone to see. Amber wanted that. She wanted hot and hard and everything she never got from her ex.

And for that, she wanted Royce Kincaid. Hot cop and decorated member of the local SWAT, he was the only one she wanted to give her the hot and hard part. He had a reputation for his prowess in bed. He also had the reputation of one night and done, or so it was rumored. But she didn’t want the rumor–she wanted the man.

She wanted a man who could handle her need for edgier sex, the kind where her partner wouldn’t stop until she exploded-half-a-dozen-times-sex. Yup, she wanted what the rumors about Royce proclaimed.

Except she had one tiny little problem. Amber had never shared that need with any of her previous boyfriends. Men always treated her like she was a good girl; like she might break at the slightest amount of pressure. It was her own fault. She hadn’t spoken up before and asked for what she wanted. In bed or out. But that was going to end.


She hoped.

With Royce. The man she should stay away from, but who checked off each and every one of her deepest desires.


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